The new GWAR documentary This Is GWAR is set to receive a physical release on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 25th.

The announcement comes ahead of the band’s upcoming fall North American tour. Dates kick off September 10th in Alton, Virginia, with tickets available via Ticketmaster.

Following the legendary shock-metal band from its inception, the documentary tells the story of the interplanetary Scumdogs — following late band mastermind Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus) up through its modern incarnation, fronted by the imitable Blothar the Berserker. The documentary received its world premiere last year at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. It also won the 2021 Audience Award at NIGHTSTREAM.

Earlier this summer, the documentary was added to the Shudder streaming service, but hardcore fans will want to snag the physical release for its plethora of special features: a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a GWAR show; GWAR in Empire Records (as told by Ethan Embry); the documentary short “The Legend of GWAR: The Story of the Scumdogs of the Universe“; the last interview with Dave Brockie; “GWAR from the Outside: Bonus Interviews”; “Four Pillars of GWAR”: A brief deep dive into the origin of GWAR focusing on Hunter Jackson, Dave Brockie, Chuck Varga, and Don Drakulich; a Slave Pit walkthrough with Michael Bishop; “An Important Message from the Scumdogs of the Universe”; and lastly a commentary track from Bob Gorman and Mike Derks for the This Is GWAR documentary.

“We are really happy to see This is GWAR available on Blu-Ray soon,” commented guitarist Brent Purgason. “While it’s impossible to tell the entire history of the band in one movie, the doc does an amazing job of showing the trials, tribulations, successes, and losses of the legendary GWAR!”


Added director Scott Barber: “We’re really excited to get this out there, so people can add This Is GWAR to their home collection. You can never have enough GWAR! We have a lot of really cool special features we think folks will really love.”

To complete your Bohab viewing experience, indulge in some of the band’s own Bud of Gods CBD products. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the This Is GWAR Blu-Ray/DVD here.

This Is Gwar Blu-Ray