TOLEDO have released “Flake,” a devastating new single from their debut album, How It Ends. It arrives alongside “What Happened to the Menorah?,” the Brooklyn indie folk duo’s tribute to Hanukkah.

Filled with the dreamy melodies for which Dan Álvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz have become known, “Flake” features defiant lines like “I fucking hate your guts right now,” while also acknowledging the inextricable nature of generational trauma: “It’s hard to forget you when I carry your name.”

In a statement, TOLEDO opened up about the track. “It’s one step forward, two steps back,” they explained. “Sometimes when you feel like you’re heading in the right direction, you slip up and fall back into old habits. You only have yourself to blame, but aren’t your parents to blame for how you end up? It’s really a fuck you to myself and my dad. Our legacy of shit.”


The group also described the song as “Barenaked Ladies meets Fleetwood Mac.” The intro includes an audio clip of Twitch streamer Dakotaz, who was “accidentally caught in the recording crossfire.”

Watch TOLEDO’s music video for “Flake,” directed by Matt Hixon, below.

Last month, TOLEDO broke down their income and expenses from nine concerts for the inaugural edition of our new feature series Balance SheetHow It Ends is out on September 23rd via Grand Jury Music. It features the previous singles “L-Train,” “Leopard Skin,” and “Climber.” Pre-orders are ongoing.