Tommy Lee apparently doesn’t want his recent “dick pic” to leave the headlines. The Mötley Crüe drummer keeps playing up the fact that he posted a full-frontal nude photo on his socials earlier this month, this time pulling out his “wiener” at his band’s concert in Los Angeles on Saturday (August 27th).

As the Crüe were getting set to perform “Home Sweet Home,” Lee sauntered to the front of the stage to once again bring up his naughty selfie. “Some of you might’ve heard this before, but a couple of weeks ago we had a break on this tour and I went to some fuckin’ island in Bora Bora and I got fuckin’ loose, drunk as fuck, fuckin’ wobbler,” said Lee to the crowd. “I fuckin’ fell the fuck off. So what happened is I got all drunk, took a bunch of pictures of my dick, tossed them up on Instagram.”

He continued, “And so I figured they took them down from Instagram, and you guys wanna see my wiener? You guys wanna see the shit? Is that a yeah? All right, let’s go. Let me show you my fuckin’ wiener. You ready? There it is.”


It was at that point that the 59-year-old stickman pulled out a real live dachshund, often referred to as a wiener dog. Seriously, he pulled an actual puppy out of his shorts!

While Lee may have earned some points in the humor department, he may have just stirred up some new flak from animal rights activists. The dachshund appeared unharmed, but who knows what emotional trauma the poor pup experienced while spending a couple minutes next to the drummer’s infamous private parts.

Acknowledging the potential backlash, Lee wrote on Twitter, “And by the way @peta no wieners were injured or harmed during this, both wieners were actually quite cozy snuggling.”

After showing off his “wiener,” Lee once again urged the male audience members to expose themselves, as he had done at an earlier show in San Antonio. After not seeing anyone oblige, he exclaimed, “I guess the boys are a little shy, huh, fellas?”

There’s a handful more shows for Lee to keep beating a dead horse on Mötley Crüe’s co-headlining “Stadium Tour” with Def Leppard. The outing wraps up September 9th in Las Vegas, with tickets to the remaining dates available via Ticketmaster.


See Tommy Lee’s onstage “wiener” exposure in the clips below.