Say it ain’t so: Weezer won’t be coming to Broadway, after all, Consequence can confirm. Just weeks after announcing a residency at The Broadway Theatre next month, Rivers Cuomo announced today that the five-night event has been canceled “due to low ticket sales and unbelievably high expenses.”

“I’m very sorry to be telling you this now after we’ve already invested so much time, thought, and emotion,” Cuomo wrote on the band’s official Discord server (via Pitchfork). “Extra apologies to those of you who cleared schedules and made travel plans to be with us. Thanks to @Broadway Producer for all your hard work and great ideas. I loved where we were going and I hope we can find a way to resurrect our vision.” Reached for comment, a representative for the band confirmed the cancelation to Consequence.

Weezer’s Broadway setlist was supposed to consist of each song cycle from their SZNZ project — Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter — with a special encore on closing night. The band also promised to deliver a selection of deep cuts spanning their whopping three-decades-long catalog.


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