Top Gun: Maverick is finally soaring onto streaming services after a years-long, much-delayed take-off that often flew against most studios’ streamer-friendly pandemic strategies. The Tom Cruise-starring sequel to the 1986 Tony Scott-directed blockbuster Top Gun seemingly revived the post-COVID theatre-going experience as it shot past $1 billion and climbing at the worldwide box office, while also rekindling a certain bygone era of action movie between co-stars Cruise, Miles Teller, and a whole new cast of call-signs to learn.

Maverick is now set for its biggest launch yet with digital and physical releases approaching. Here are the details on how to stream Top Gun: Maverick.

When Will I Be Able to Stream Top Gun: Maverick?

Top Gun: Maverick will be first available to purchase digitally on August 23rd. A physical release for Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD, and DVD versions will trail behind on November 1st (pre-order here).

Each release includes over 110 minutes of bonus content, including behind-the-scenes footage and flight-focused featurettes like the historical “Letter to Aviation” and “Forging the Darkstar” about pushing beyond Mach-10. Also featured are music videos from Lady Gaga and OneRepublic, an acting “Masterclass with Tom Cruise” from the 75th Cannes Film Festival, and of course, a trailer for Cruise’s next Mission Impossible movie.


How Can I Stream Top Gun: Maverick For Free?

There has been no confirmation about whether Top Gun: Maverick will land on Paramount Pictures’ streaming service Paramount+ at any point in the future. Considering the film’s standing as an example against day-and-date release schedules and the film’s continued run in theaters, its arrival to streamers does not appear to be imminent.

What Is Top Gun: Maverick About?

Tom Cruise returns as the titular top naval aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who takes a tour through his past with a number of call-backs and cameos from the 1986 crew. This includes the long-confirmed, tearjerking on-screen reunion between Cruise and Val Kilmers Iceman, which was both a massive feat by the actor, who lost his speaking voice while battling throat cancer, and pioneering A.I. vocal recreation technology. Maverick’s past becomes his present as he guides a new team of flight graduates with his deceased co-pilot Goose’s son, played by Teller, among their numbers. We’ll hold off on the details of the film’s plot and instead leave it to Goose actor Anthony Edwards to confirm: “mission accomplished.”

Where Can I Watch the Other Top Gun Movies?

There’s no topping the first Top Gun, but Maverick is heavily instructed by its predecessor with direct homages and near-recreations of iconic scenes (see: “Great Balls of Fire”). Despite its complete omission of the OG romantic lead Kelly McGillis (who admirably took it in stride by responding, “I’m old and I’m fat, and I look age-appropriate”), the painstaking maneuvers of Maverick to honor its original make it a must-watch.


Top Gun is free to stream now via Paramount+. It is also available for VOD via Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, and YouTube.