Brandi Carlile Announces In These Silent Days Acoustic Re-Release In the Canyon Haze

A track-by-track remake of her recent album

Brandi Carlile, photo by Ben Kaye

    Just in time for its first anniversary, Brandi Carlile is giving her most recent album In These Silent Days an update: The folk singer will re-record an acoustic version of the album song-by-song, titled In the Canyon Haze. Before it’s out on September 28th, Carlile has offered a preview with the new version of “You and Me on the Rock.”

    The idea for In the Canyon Haze came about when Carlile was pondering a deluxe edition of Silent Days. Rather than tacking on a few bonus tracks, she figured: Why not make the entire album a bonus? The album keeps the original’s tracklist with the exception of a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” As for the new album’s title, Carlile cites the rootsy, bohemian spirit of the Laurel Canyon music scene. Pre-orders are ongoing.

    “I knew I wanted to offer our fans more than just the usual ‘bonus track’ that always feels like a creative way to ask fans to buy your album twice,” she said in a statement. “So, the twins (Phil and Tim Hanseroth) and I locked ourselves in the attic studio in my barn just like the old days… and we reimagined our entire record.”


    The acoustic version of “You and Me On the Rock” also comes with a sentimental bonus, featuring backing vocals from Carlile’s wife Catherine Carlile. Listen to it below, and then keep scrolling to check out the artwork and tracklist for In the Canyon Haze.

    Carlile has just a few nights left on her 2022 tour, which included a set at Newport Folk Festival earlier this year; if you still need tickets for the remaining dates, head over to Ticketmaster. Carlile also recently featured on Allison Russell’s single “You’re Not Alone.”

    In the Canyon Haze Artwork:

    Brandi Carlile in the canyon haze in these silent days re-recording acoustic folk rerelease bonus version

    In the Canyon Haze Tracklist:
    01. Right on Time
    02. You and Me on the Rock
    03. This Time Tomorrow
    04. Broken Horses
    05. Letter to the Past
    06. Mama Werewolf
    07. When You’re Wrong
    08. Stay Gentle
    09. Sinners Saints and Fools
    10. Throwing Good After Bad
    11. Space Oddity (David Bowie cover)