Over the past two weeks, we’ve been celebrating Consequence’s 15th anniversary with a series of rankings, staff lists, essays, playlists, questionnaires, videos, and other retrospectives taking the pulse of a decade-and-a-half of culture. 

And while it’s been a lot of fun to take a stroll down memory lane, we now want to turn the tables and ask you: What have you been obsessed with these past 15 years? After all, there would be no 15 years of Consequence without our loyal audience, a community of music, movie, and TV lovers who are literally the reason we do what we do every day.

To that end, we’ve come up with a simple Consequence 15 Readers Survey. It shouldn’t take too long to fill out, but we want your honest takes. Who knows, we might even share some of the most fun responses on our social channels…


Plus, if you decide you want to share your email with us, we’ll send you a coupon code for $10 off at the Consequence Shop. That means you can get a discount on all our new Legends Collection items celebrating the 100 Greatest Albums of All Time list, including T-shirts, tote bags, and posters.

You can take the survey here, and once again, thank you from everyone at Consequence