Don’t Worry Darling has drummed up more headlines about alleged cast in-fighting than it has about its merit as a film, and as its less-than-stellar reviews roll in, it appears its 2022 real-world drama is more invigorating than its 1950s thriller storyline.

    From director Olivia Wilde breaking up with longtime partner Jason Sudeikis to date star Harry Styles (who was only cast after embattled actor Shia LaBeouf left the project) to leading lady Florence Pugh distancing herself from the film altogether, we’re all wondering: What the hell happened on that set?

    And that’s not even counting Spitgate.

    Ahead of its release on September 23rd, we’ve rounded up all the Don’t Worry Darling drama that’s definitely got us worrying. Scroll on for the latest updates.

    September 2020: Shia LaBeouf Exits the Film Due to Olivia Wilde’s “No Assholes Policy”

    Shia LaBeouf was originally slated to star in Don’t Worry Darling alongside Florence Pugh, but he left the project in 2020. Deadline reported his exit was due to a scheduling conflict, but Variety reported that he “displayed poor behavior and his style clashed with the cast and crew, including Wilde, who ultimately fired him.” In February 2021, Wilde explained that she has a “no assholes policy” on her sets, noting that it “puts everyone on the same level” and creates a warmer workplace environment.


    January 2021: Olivia Wilde Begins Dating Harry Styles, Shia LaBeouf’s Replacement

    After Jason Sudeikis confirmed he and Wilde, his partner of nine years and fiancé of seven, broke up in November 2020, Wilde and Styles were seen holding hands in public. People reported that based on the actors’ behavior on the Don’t Worry Darling set, “Everyone saw it coming.”

    April 2022: Jason Sudeikis Serves Olivia Wilde Child Custody Papers at CinemaCon

    As the press tour for Don’t Worry Darling began to pick up speed, Wilde presented the trailer for her latest directorial effort at CinemaCon. In a strange turn of events, however, Wilde’s presentation was interrupted when an unidentified person approached the stage and slid her a manila envelope marked personal and confidential. Later, Deadline reported that the envelope contained legal documents from Sudeikis that were meant to establish jurisdiction relating to the couple’s children.