UK alt-rock group Editors have returned with their seventh studio album, EBM, on Friday (September 23rd). The group’s latest venture sees them delve into the realms of industrial and electronic rock, while incorporating the band’s longtime indie rock sound.

    Throughout its nine tracks, EBM doesn’t wait to embrace this new endeavor. The frenetic opening of “Heart Attack” sets the background tone of subtle abrasiveness that appears throughout many of the tracks. The powerful vocals of frontman Tom Smith are amplified by a grandiose array of keys, percussion, and guitar.

    While industrial might be the MO of EBM, that doesn’t prevent Editors (rounded out by Russell Leetch, Ed Lay, Justin Lockey, Elliott Williams, and Benjamin John Power) from straying away from their wheelhouse entirely. The coarse sounds eluded to on the opening track are stripped away on “Karma Climb,” creating a track filled with a sense of elation akin to the band’s earlier works.


    But EBM’s aim isn’t to reminisce on the approach that made Editors a staple in the UK rock scene; it’s a project that emphasizes growth. Don’t let the title of “Strawberry Lemonade” confuse you, as its dystopian sound of scattered drums and ominous chords is a far cry from tracks like “Karma Climb.”

    Branching out to new sounds is far from easy, yet EBM serves as an example of a seamless transition of genres for Editors. They manage to adopt an industrial approach while maintaining their past sounds, allowing for moments that fuse experimentation and incorporation.

    Listen to Tom Smith and Benjamin John Power of Editors’ EBM below and check out the Track By Track breakdown of the record.