Life is different when you’re living in the Future, as the Atlanta MC demonstrated with a show-stopping performance — literally — of “Love You Better” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kimmel introduced the musical guest as if he were sitting down for an interview. After Future took a spot on the couch, the host asked, “So how is the Future? Relatively speaking.”

“Man, I be drifting off sometimes,” Future replied, as music began to swell and the lighting went woozy. The cameras shifted to show a young woman calling out, “Future!” as she entered his dressing room. She found a bouquet of flowers, a bucket of ice, and a note: “I NEVER LIKED U.”

That’s a reference to Future’s new album, I Never Liked Youand as she sat on the couch to process this missive, the camera shifted to a view of the stage, where a blurry Future was slowly coming into focus. Between the fog machine and the dramatic lighting, he seemed to sing from the top of clouds in a gathering storm.


Afterwards, the young woman came onto the stage to collect a resigned Future, while Kimmel appeared back at his desk as if by magic. “Well, that didn’t really answer my question,” Kimmel quipped, “But that was great. Future, everybody!” Even if you watch a lot of late night performances, you probably haven’t seen anything like this. Check out the dream sequence “Love You Better” below.