Craig Gillespie has cast some very familiar faces in his next directing endeavor Dumb Money. Deadline reports that Paul Dano, Seth Rogen, Sebastian Stan, and Pete Davidson are set to star in the forthcoming adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s book The Antisocial Network, which documents the 2021 GameStop short squeeze that shook Wall Street.

As a refresher: Early last year, the hedge fund Melvin Capital used a tactic called “shorting,” borrowing GameStop shares they believed were overpriced and immediately selling them, hoping that their prices would later go down. Because Melvin didn’t own the shares, they would then buy them back and return them to the original lender, making a profit.

Shorting can, of course, be a massive risk for the seller. In this case, the Reddit board r/wallstreetbets heard about Melvin’s short, and decided to use their collective power to invest massive amounts of money into GameStop, causing the value of the shares to skyrocket. Celebrities and private investors got in on the mess, too, and the resulting chaos threatened derail Wall Street entirely.


Dano, Rogen, Stan, and Davidson’s roles in Dumb Money have not been disclosed, but the film will mark the second time recently that Gillespie, Rogen, and Stan have worked together following Hulu’s 2021 limited series Pam & TommyAs for Dano, he recently did a self-sabotaging performance of The Riddler in The Batman, while Davidson starred in A24’s new horror-comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies.