After appearing as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonKid Cudi moved from the late night couch to the stage to perform his Entergalactic song “Willing to Trust” alongside Ty Dolla $ign.

The two artists performed sitting down and let the projection screen behind them do all the work with vibrant blue and purple lights, explosions, and the occasional shooting star. Cudi got into the emotionality of the lyrics by pulling at his clothes and opening up his arms, while Ty flapped his oversized puffy coat like he was getting ready for takeoff.

Elsewhere on The Tonight Show Cudi joined host Fallon for an interview. He talked about a risqué shoot for Esquire that saw him channel Red Hot Chili Peppers’ love of socks, a made-up language he invented with his daughter, and his new horror movie about a porn shoot gone wrong, Ti West’s X


Cudi related a story about his mother wanting to see the movie but being concerned about all the coitus. Cudi recalled saying, “Let me hit up Ti West and see if it’s possible to make a ‘mommy edit’ of the movie that has no sex at all, nothing but gore and madness.” West obliged, mailing the “mommy edit” to Cudi’s mother’s house. Check out the performance of “Willing to Trust” as well as the interview below.

Cudi is gearing up to release Entergalactic, his eighth studio album, on September 30th. On the same day, he’ll release an animated Netflix special of the same name, which features Ty Dolla $ign, Macaulay Culkin, Jessica Williams, and more. The rapper is in the midst of his “To the Moon – 2022 World Tour”; grab tickets to those shows via Ticketmaster.