It’s Consequence’s 15th anniversary, and all month long we are featuring a series of retrospective features and essays encompassing our publication’s history — as well as the entertainment landscape at large. We’re also giving some of our past CoSigned artists a chance to look back at the last 15 years with our Consequestionnaire; today’s respondent is Lady Lamb.

    As a part of our Consequence: 15 Years of Sound celebration, we’ve made it a point to check in with stand-out artists that have received our endorsement from the last decade and a half. We sent out our Consequestionnaire to numerous Artists of the Month and CoSigns to get their perspectives on the past 15 years, as well as hear about how their career has changed over this time period. Today, we circle back with March 2011 CoSign and longtime favorite of the site, Lady Lamb.

    Formerly known as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, the indie folk artist has emerged as one of the genre’s staple voices since her start in 2007. With a slew of projects under her belt ranging from EPs to studio albums, it was her 2010 release of Mammoth Swoon that caught our attention. Her 2013 studio debut, Ripley Pine, is gearing up for its own 10th anniversary, while the followup, 2015’s After, was one of our favorite records of the 2010s.


    After dropping her latest full-length, Even in the Tremor, back in 2019, Lady Lamb has been teasing her fourth studio LP this year with the tracks “Ivy” and “Wolves of My Want.” She’s also featured on tracks from artists like The Ballroom Thieves and Henry Jamison.

    We caught up with the musician behind the moniker, Aly Spaltro, to see how the last 15 years have treated her. Check out Lady Lamb’s answers to the Consequestionnaire below, and see who else has filled out our anniversary Q&A here..