September 26th is the anniversary of Outbreak Day within the world of The Last of Usand HBO is celebrating with an official teaser trailer that offers a hint of the upcoming horrors.

The television adaptation of the beloved video game franchise stars Pedro Pascal as smuggler Joel, Bella Ramsey as teenage girl Ellie, plus Gabriel Luna, Nick Offerman, and more. It’s due out sometime in 2023, and the new teaser gives just a taste of why this could be one of the most expensive series ever made.

As Hank Williams’ “Alone and Forsaken” rattles in the background, the preview shows not just a couple of sets, but an expansive dystopian world as humans struggle to contain a dangerous infection: Makeshift cities, vast explosions, green fields, frozen wastelands, and for a few hair-raising seconds at the end, a brief shot of a Clicker, one of the stages of the Infected.

“This is your chance,” a voice tells Joel (Pascal). “Our best shot. You keep her alive, and you set everything right.” Check out the teaser trailer below.