Lil Nas X took his horse to Madame Tussauds: The rapper has been immortalized with a hyper-realistic, life-size sculpture of himself at the Hollywood branch of the iconic wax museum.

The wax figure of Lil Nas X is donning a replication of the gold Versace suit armor he wore at the 2021 Met Gala, along with the jewelry and manicure he sported at the event. The cherry on top is a copy of his diamond grill, making Lil Nas X the first sculpture in Madame Tussauds history to wear one. Unlike poor Rihanna, the wax Lil Nas X is so faithful to the real thing that it’s almost hard to distinguish the two on first glance.

“never thought i would get the pleasure of meeting myself,” Lil Nas X wrote on Instagram. “the sexual tension was too much to bare. [sic]”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Lil Nas X into the Madame Tussauds Hollywood family,” General Manager Therese Alvich said in a statement. “As a musical, social and fashion icon, this figure marks an extraordinary addition to our museum. We’re excited for his fans to interact with the star’s identical twin!”

And with that, Lil Nas X is now Lil Nas Wax. See a clip of him giving his wax lookalike a smooch below.

Lil Nas X’s first-ever tour continues through November, and you can get tickets at Ticketmaster. This Friday, he’ll release a new song called “Star Walkin'” that’ll serve as the anthem for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship.