M.I.A. has always been an outspoken, boundary-pushing artist, and she’s no different on new single “BEEP.” Listen to the track below.

“You can be who you wanna be,” goes the hook in “BEEP,” a short, slinky song rife with exotic percussion. Doing what she wants has always been M.I.A.’s MO, and she remains unbothered by that fact here: “I tried to tell you all what will happen to you/ I tried to make you see I was telling the truth/ I was tryna be everything you want me to be/ I can’t please everyone/ Imma let it BEEP BEEP,” she raps. No word on if the single’s “Be free” message is about vaccines, though.

“BEEP” will appear on M.I.A.’s upcoming album MATA, which has yet to receive a release date. She has, however, revealed the album’s artwork, which you can see below. M.I.A. previously previewed the project with the singles “The One” and “Popular.”

Last year, she shared the song “Babylon” alongside the sale of an NFT. All together, it’s a pretty good picture of what being a “free thinker” means in 2022.

MATA Artwork:

m.i.a. MATA COVER art