It’s Consequence’s 15th anniversary, and all month long we’ll be featuring a series of retrospective features encompassing our publication’s history — as well as the entertainment landscape at large. We’re also giving some of our favorite artists a chance to do some reflecting by filling out our Consequestionnaire; today’s respondent is MØ.

    Throughout September, the Consequence: 15 Years of Sound campaign will be looking a back at the history of this publication. But our story is intimately tied to the artists we’ve covered over the years — particularly those we’ve dubbed our Artists of the Month (f.k.a. CoSigns). So, it’s only fitting that some of those musicians have a chance to say their own piece about the last decade and a half, and that’s where the Consequestionnaire comes in.

    This time around, we posed 15 questions to someone we CoSigned way back in February 2014: . In the eight years since we gave the Danish electropop star our seal of approval, she’s released a trio of well-received albums (including her latest, Motordrome) and two more EPs. She’s collaborated with the likes of Major Lazer, Diplo, and Justin Bieber, and toured the world over alongside everyone from Cashmere Cat to Sia to Imagine Dragons, on top of her own headlining jaunts. She even got to play the same stage where Beychella took place!


    In her answers to our Consequestionnaire, MØ reveals the influence Sonic Youth and Kim Gordon have had on her, her dreams of sci-fi stardom, and her secret love of maps. Read on to see all her answers.

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