Mount Kimbie are back in a big way, as they’ve shared a whopping four new singles under the banner MK 3.5. Take a listen to the tracks below.

Mount Kimbie — otherwise known as electronic artists Dominic Maker and Kai Campos — enlisted slowthai, Danny Brown, and Liv.e for MK 3.5. The first double A-side single offers “in your eyes (feat. slowthai and Danny Brown)” and “a deities encore (feat. Liv.e),” which were both created by Maker, while the second set features “Quartz” and “Q,” two Campos productions.

“in your eyes (feat. slowthai and Danny Brown)” melds moody piano with slowthai’s impassioned flow, while “a deities encore (feat. Liv.e)” keeps up the same ethereal vibe as the Dallas artist croons, “Just like you brought the fire, I’ll make sure I bring the rain.” On the other hand, Campos’ tracks pick up the pace. Both are instrumental numbers, but while “Quartz” rumbles with an old-school drum machine loop, “Q” marches along with shaky, bubbling percussion. Listen to Mount Kimbie’s MK 3.5 below.

MK 3.5 follows Mount Kimbie’s tracks from last year, “Black Stone” and “Blue Liquid.” In 2020, the duo appeared on slowthai’s album TYRON

MK 3.5 Artwork:
mount kimbie mk 3.5 artwork

MK 3.5 Tracklist:
01. in your eyes (feat. slowthai and Danny Brown)
02. a deities encore (feat. Liv.e)
03. Q
04. Quartz