My Morning Jacket have announced the second installment in their ongoing live album vinyl series: MMJ LIVE VOL. 2: CHICAGO 2021 arrives October 21st, following last year’s MMJ Live 2015.

Recorded at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago in November 2021, MMJ LIVE VOL. 2: CHICAGO 2021 compiles a 20-song setlist of career highlights across six sides of wax. There’s new tracks like “Love Love Love” and “Complex,” both on their 2021 self-titled album, to MMJ staples like “Dondante,” “Mahgeetah,” and “Phone Went West.”

MMJ LIVE VOL. 2: CHICAGO 2021 comes on 3xLP translucent vinyl, and pre-orders are ongoing. See the full tracklist for the new triple album below.

There’s also a chance to hear some live My Morning Jacket in the flesh, as the Kentucky band are in the final stretch of their 2022 tour. Grab tickets over at Ticketmaster.

MMJ LIVE VOL. 2: CHICAGO 2021 Artwork:

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MMJ LIVE VOL. 2: CHICAGO 2021 Tracklist:
Side A
01. Victory Dance (Live)
02. It Beats for You (Live)
03. Love Love Love (Live)
04. Magic Bullet (Live)

Side B
01. Laylow (Live)
02. Lowdown (Live)
03. Masterplan (Live)
04. Complex (Live)

Side C
01. Bermuda Highway (Live)
02. If All Else Fails (Live)
03. I Think I’m Going to Hell (Live)
04. Compound Fracture (Live)

Side D
01. Never In the Real World (Live)
02. Easy Morning Rebel (Live)
03. Mahgeetah (Live)
04. Holdin On to Black Metal (Live)

Side E
01. Dondante (Live)
02. Heartbreakin Man (Live)

Side F
01. Rollin Back (Live)
02. Phone Went West (Live)