For Nina Nesbitt‘s new record Älskar, available today, September 2nd, the singer-songwriter focused on getting to the core of everything. “Älskar,” the Swedish word the singer-songwriter chose to title the project, means “to love.”

    “I feel like there’s always a few words or phrases you take with you into adulthood that carry such a sense of familiarity and comfort,” she tells Consequence. “‘Älskar dig’ was always something I heard my mother saying at the end of her long, melodic sounding phone conversations with my grandmother.”

    This record, Nesbitt shares, is the result of introspection, fear, and loss. A first listen reveals her ability to jump between styles, with some tracks leaning more towards pop, others peeling back into acoustic ballad territory. A second, closer listen confirms that the thread that ties Älskar together is deeply honest songwriting.


    “I wanted to look back, look around, look forward and write about it. It’s definitely my most vulnerable project yet,” Nesbitt explains. “It feels nerve-wracking to finally release it into the world, but I hope people will relate to the songs in whatever way they want and hopefully connect to them.”

    Below, Nesbitt breaks down the stories behind her new album Älskar track by track.