Noga Erez has polished up her early summer single “Nails” with a new remix featuring Missy Elliott. Stream the shredding new rendition below.

The track begins with the familiar finger-tap rhythm from the original Rousso production along with Noga Erez’s hypnotic hook, “I’ll bump a bitch/ Flesh pieces in my nails.” Missy Elliott picks it up from there and goes on a tear: “See these nails these acrylics/ Try miss I go ballistic/ You step to Miss I’mma give you ten licks.”

After sharpening up the shout-out-loud chorus together, the two trade hometown lines with Missy’s “I’m from VA/ We don’t play that down South,” followed by the Israeli singer’s reply, “I’m from TA/ Missy you should check it out.”

The collaboration is a long time coming for Erez, who admitted in a statement that she was “shocked and humbled” by the rapper jumping on her song, and the remix is “still beyond my ability to comprehend.” She added, “Missy Elliott was one of the first artists to pull me into the world of hip-hop as a young teen. She’s since been a go-to inspiration for me and always symbolizes an artist who is true to herself, who goes far with her visions.”


Elliott recalled first seeing Erez’s work in the “End of the Road” music video and thought, “Oh, I like this!” Regarding the remix, she added, “Noga owns her own lane and has a quirky style like me, so when they sent me ‘Nails’ I hopped on it. I remember listening back to it and reflecting on how both of our styles meshed perfectly! I am always happy to work with talented new artists who aren’t afraid to be uniquely themselves. Noga Erez is definitely one to keep an eye on!”

Erez is slated to support Florence + the Machine for two nights on their “Dance Fever Tour” at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, then will lead a solo show at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg two days later, and open for Tyler Childers at a pair of Red Rocks shows in late September. Grab your seats (but watch those nails!) via Ticketmaster.