In one of the most perfect casting decisions since, uh, the last time he was picked to play a heavy-lidded horror character, Bill Skarsgård will star as the titular vampire in Robert Eggers’ upcoming Nosferatu retelling. Joining him in Transylvania is Lily-Rose Depp, playing a haunted young woman who becomes Nosferatu’s latest obsession, Deadline reports.

There’s not much else we know about Eggers’ follow-up to The Northmanbut we do know he’s been wanting to do this for a while. The director almost got his Nosferatu off the ground back in 2019, with Harry Styles and Anya Taylor-Joy attached to the project.

Budgeting and schedule conflicts eventually brought the film to a halt, but Eggers made sure to nab Skarsgård — whose portrayal of Pennywise the clown in Andy Muschietti’s It adaptation still gives us the creeps — before any other project got in his way. Stay tuned here for more details on Eggers’ Nosferatu as they roll out.


Skarsgård most recently appeared as an Extremely Average Nice Guy in Zach Cregger’s Barbarianand he’s also set to star as Eric Draven in Rupert Sanders’ upcoming The Crow reboot. Depp will play a rising pop star opposite The Weeknd in HBO’s The Idol.