Pixies Unveil New Album Doggerel: Stream

"We're trying to do things that are very big and bold and orchestrated"

pixies doggerel
Pixies, photo by Tom Oxley

    Something to make you feel old today: It’s been 30 years since Pixies broke up the first time, and thanks to Doggerel, their new album that’s out today, the band have now released as many records since their reunion as they did during their original heyday.

    Needless to say, Pixies have grown up, and, as a press release explains, Doggerel shows that. “This time around we have grown,” guitarist Joey Santiago said. “We no longer have under two-minute songs. We have little breaks, more conventional arrangements but still our twists in there.”

    “We’re trying to do things that are very big and bold and orchestrated,” frontman Black Francis added. “The punky stuff, I really like playing it but you just cannot artificially create that shit. There’s another way to do this, there’s other things we can do with this extra special energy that we’re encountering.”


    Recorded with producer Tom Dalgety, Doggerel — Pixies’ eighth studio album and the follow up to 2019’s Beneath the Eyrie — features Santiago’s first two Pixies songwriting credits in the title track and “Dregs of the Wine.” In promoting the album, the band also shared the singles “There’s a Moon On” and “Vault of Heaven.”

    In the coming days, Pixies will perform in San Diego, Anaheim, Los Angeles, and New York before embarking on a tour of South America, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Tickets to all of the band’s upcoming shows are on sale now via Ticketmaster.


    Doggerel Artwork:

    Pixies Doggerel Artwork

    Doggerel Tracklist:
    01. Nomatterday
    02. Vault of Heaven
    03. Dregs of the Wine
    04. Haunted House
    05. Get Simulated
    06. The Lord Has Come Back Today
    07. Thunder & Lightning
    08. There’s a Moon On
    09. Pagan Man
    10. Who’s More Sorry Now?
    11. You’re Such a Sadducee
    12. Doggerel