Pop-punk rock musician Quinton Griggs has signed to Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 Records, Consequence can exclusively announce today (September 23rd). Along with signing to the label, Griggs has released a music video for his track “Anything Goes.”

Griggs wears his inspirations on his sleeves, embracing the sounds of bands discovered via himself and his parents, as the Georgia native couples hair bands with pop-punk — the perfect amalgamation for an artist at Fueled By Ramen and DCD2.

DCD2 founder Pete Wentz saw something unique in Griggs, an artist from another era that exemplifies what Wentz looks for in musicians.

“I’ve always been drawn to artists that go against the grain, that don’t perfectly fit within confines of current pop music,” Wentz tells Consequence. “When I first met Q and we started talking about bands like Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses, I felt like he was from another era, another planet — in the best way possible. DCD2 as a label has always sought those who don’t quite fit in, who stand out of time, and I think Quinton is a perfect non-fit for the DCD2 family.”


For Griggs, he hasn’t taken this moment lightly, realizing how special it is to be signed to a label run by an icon he looked up to as a child.

“I am absolutely honored,” Griggs tells Consequence. “Pete is a legend and a real childhood hero for me. I never ever thought I would be working alongside him. I am such a fan of the other artists on the roster and am stoked to be in this family with them.”

With “Anything Goes,” Griggs steps into a coming-of-age style, both in sound and visuals. The pop-rock track captures the sense of growing up and dealing with the tumultuousness of life, with Griggs’ dynamic vocals slicing over a screaming guitar and heavy drums. But as Griggs sings: “Anything goes when you’re young.”

“We go through a lot of shit in life, but it’s really short,” Griggs adds. “Learn to say anything goes and just live.”

The music video cuts between shots of spilled milk to the highs and lows of relationships, all while revolving around Griggs performing the track. A standout moment from the video for Griggs was his take on a certain rock star staple: smashing guitars.


“This video is amazing and was so fun to shoot,” Griggs says. “Everything came together so perfect. We were out on the Sunset Strip till 3:00 a.m. filming and almost got kicked off the Strip for breaking guitars in the street. It was really such a fun time.”

Griggs isn’t ready to rest on his laurels, as he’s preparing to go on tour with LA three-piece Beauty School Dropout on “The Almost Famous Tour,” something he’s eager to embark on.

“I don’t have anything else to say besides I’m absolutely fucking stoked,” Griggs says. “BSD are some of the best guys around and put on an unreal show. And as far as myself? Everyone needs to be ready.”


Get a first look at the video for “Anything Goes” below.