The jury in the R Kelly federal trial in Illinois reached a verdict on Wednesday (September 14th). Facing 13 counts total, the disgraced singer was found guilty on three counts of child pornography production, including the sexual exploitation of his then-14-year-old goddaughter who used the pseudonym “Jane” in the trial. Kelly was also found guilty on three counts of child sex trafficking through coercion and enticement.

Each of the child pornography charges carry a mandatory-minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Kelly was found not guilty on one count of child pornography production and two counts of “enticement of a minor.” He was acquitted on two counts of receiving child pornography, one count of conspiring to receive child pornography, and one count of conspiring to obstruct investigations in his 2002 Cook County trial.

The jury spent more than four weeks hearing evidence and debated the verdict for close to 11 hours. At the center of the trial was a video that depicted Kelly raping the then-14-year-old “Jane,” who served as the prosecution’s star witnessl. Three other women testified that Kelly made tapes of himself sexually abusing them when they were underage.


Kelly had two co-defendants in the proceedings, associates Milton “June” Brown and Derrel McDavid. Both Brown and McDavid were acquitted of all charges, including that Brown had conspired to receive child pornography, and that McDavid conspired to obstruct justice in the 2022 case.

In June, Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison in after a jury found him guilty of racketeering related to the sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, and forced labor, as well as eight charges of violating the Mann Act, which makes it illegal to “transport any woman or girl” across state lines “for any immoral purpose.”

Kelly still faces state sex crime charges in Illinois and Minnesota.