Sex Pistols’ 1977 scorcher “God Save the Queen” is one of the harshest things ever written about Queen Elizabeth II, claiming “she ain’t no human being” and calling her a “moron” from a “fascist regime.” She died on September 8th, and now three surviving Sex Pistols — John “Johnny Rotten” Lydon, Steve Jones, and Glen Matlock — have each responded to her passing in different ways.

Lydon is the man who sang those insults, but he’s grown much more conservative over the years, and his feelings on Her Royal Highness have clearly softened. “Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth II,” he wrote on Twitter. “Send her victorious.” His post included the same portrait of Elizabeth the band used in the cover art for “God Save the Queen,” but without the text graffiti.

Meanwhile, bass guitarist Matlock turned his attention to the next-in-line, posting, “God save the king — hope he’s not a silly old thing.” As for guitarist Steve Jones, he didn’t personally weigh in, but instead posted a question alongside that same portrait with a hairpin through the lips: ” How do you feel?” Check out those tweets below.


Dozens of people answered Jones’ question on Twitter, and many more sent their own thoughts into the world. Revisit our roundup of tributes, criticisms, jokes, and other reactions from the world of entertainment. The monarch’s death also inspired Kanye West to release all his grudges, Pearl Jam to cover The Beatles’ “Her Majesty,” and the sharing of beloved stories about Elizabeth, including that she ditched a private Paul McCartney concert to watch Twin Peaks.