Track by Track is a feature series offering artists a platform to break down every song on their newest release. Today, Starcrawler’s Arrow de Wilde and Henri Cash take us through the band’s new album, She Said.

    After touring with the likes of Jack White and My Chemical Romance, rock group Starcrawler have released their third album and major label debut, She Said today (September 16th). Sounds of punk-rock and nostalgia exude throughout the record in an effort that serves as an impeccable homage to acts that influenced the group.

    Through its lead singles, “Roadkill” and “She Said,” Starcrawler cemented the foundation for the themes and sound of She Said. Frontwoman Arrow de Wilde tells Consequence the former track is “for anyone who is sick of feeling powerless.” The coupling of emphatic drums and guitar act as the perfect vessel for de Wilde’s charismatic vocals.


    Throughout the project’s 10 tracks, Starcrawler craft a familiar anthemic punk rock sound with the band’s distinct twist. Guitarist Henri Cash explains that the goal of “Thursday” was creating the same feeling a song from The Go-Go’s invokes, “like you want to dance.” Along with The Go-Go’s, Starcrawler draw inspiration from groups like X and The Rolling Stones, resulting in an album with nuanced sounds that remain lively on each track.

    She Said’s greatest strength lies in this, as the change in pace from a track like “Thursday” to the contented and slowed tempo of “Broken Angels” is accomplished seamlessly, showcasing Starcrawler’s versatility from both a musical and lyrical perspective. “I won’t have to stalk you/ If you just give me a chance,” de Wilde sings on the track about “lust and obsession.”

    de Wilde says the song initially “didn’t quite feel like us,” but after Cash and bassist Tim Franco worked more on a faster track as well as a chorus, she realized they had something special. “The track sounded really happy and bright, so I thought it would be cool if the lyrics were dark and creepy to contrast that feeling,” de Wilde explains.


    Stream She Said in full below, along with a Track by Track breakdown from de Wilde and Cash.

    Starcrawler are hitting the road for a headlining fall US tour kicking off on September 16th in Los Angeles. Grab your seats now via Ticketmaster.