Stevie Nicks has been performing a cover of Buffalo Springfield’s 1960s protest song “For What It’s Worth” on tour (get tickets here), and now you can hear the studio version on streaming services. Take a listen below.

The cover was recorded earlier this year with hitmaking producer Greg Kurstin and two longtime members of her touring band: backing vocalist Sharon Celani and guitarist Waddy Wachtel. Nicks’ take doesn’t stray far from the original, but her perspective as a woman gives extra meaning to the lyrics, which are just as relevant today: “There’s a man with a gun over there/ Telling me I got to beware.”

“I’m so excited to release my new song this Friday,” Nicks wrote on social media earlier this week. “It’s called ‘For What It’s Worth’ and it was written by Stephen Stills in 1966. It meant something to me then, and it means something to me now. I always wanted to interpret it through the eyes of a woman — and it seems like today, in the times that we live in — that it has a lot to say…”


The Buffalo Springfield cover is Nicks’ first new material since 2020’s “Show Them the Way,” which we named Song of the Week. Back in June, she called for stricter gun control after the mass shooting at a Uvalde, Texas elementary school.

She’s on tour with Vanessa Carlton as the opener through the end of October. Check out our recap of the kickoff show here, and grab your seats via Ticketmaster.