It’s Consequence‘s 15th anniversary, and all September long we’ll be sharing artist-curated playlists that reflect the evolution of their music taste throughout the last 15 years. For today’s My15 playlist, The Used share their eclectic mix of selections.

There’s a timeless sense of urgency imbued into The Used‘s music: now celebrating over 20 years as a band, they’ve never lost the visceral component that made their breakout hits so satisfying. The band, which is comprised of vocalist Bert McCracken, bassist Jeph Howard, guitarist Joey Bradford, and drummer Dan Whitesides, were incredibly influential in the emo, pop-punk, and post-hardcore sphere, their eight studio albums a reflection of the band’s poised, emotional vision.

But beyond their energetic emo jams, The Used list a wide variety of genres for their My15 playlist. Howard lists Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” for one of his selections, telling Consequence that he simply loves “a solid beat and a great bassline.” McCracken, on the other hand, lists Lauv’s “Billy” as a recent obsession, telling Consequence it was “the first song I heard from lauv and I’ve been hooked ever since yesterday.”


Whitesides’ selections are similarly eclectic, with Turnstile’s “UNDERWATER BOI” making the cut: “Most of my playlist are songs that are fairly new and from bands that are pretty unique and real. These bands rock,” he says.

For their My15 playlist, The Used’s McCracken, Howard, and Whitesides all contributed five songs that reflect their evolving music taste over the last 15 years — including some The Used songs that the band holds near and dear to their hearts.

Check out The Used’s My15 playlist below.