When you think of haunts (seasonal events held during the fall months based around scaring attendees), you often don’t think of musicians. In the rare cases where you do, perhaps you think of heavy metal or rock artists, as their music can often bring up images of horror in your mind. But horror has influenced all sorts of different genres, from pop with Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video to rap through the imagery described in songs by Flatbush Zombies and XXXTentacion.

    Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, has never kept his love for the genre a secret, but it has taken center stage with the rollout of his blockbuster 2020 album, After Hours. While the music itself might not sound particularly scary, it is his accompanying visuals that have showcased his love for horror; a cursory glance at his promotional music videos will show you that blood, gore, beheadings, body modifications, and drug trips are common images throughout this era. However, there is only so much that Tesfaye can show under YouTube’s strict guidelines.

    These restrictions are why a more horrific vision of his visuals is now on display at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort. Tesfaye has collaborated with the theme parks to bring “The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare” to their annual Halloween Horror Nights events, where fans can walk through more extreme versions of his music videos.


    Consequence was recently able to walk through the Orlando iteration of this experience, and if you thought this was nothing more than a cheap cash-grab, think again. In short, The Weeknd has successfully expanded the After Hours universe yet again.

    Below, find everything you need to know about “The Weeknd: After Hours Nightmare” experience at Halloween Horror Nights.