WALL-E is gearing up for Mission: Criterion Collection. The beloved animated film from 2008 is set to get the restoration treatment from the home-video distribution company, becoming the first Disney and Pixar film to do so.

Originally founded in 1984, Criterion has grown from a source of VHS tapes to a video-on-demand mecca for hardcore cinephiles. They still put an emphasis on physical disc formats, however, and the re-release of WALL-E is no exception.

First and foremost, Criterion will restore WALL-E in a 4K digital master — approved by director Andrew Stanton — with Dolby Atmos soundtrack. You’ll also get two commentaries: one from Stanton, and another from character supervisor Bill Wise, coproducer Lindsey Collins, story artist Derek Thompson, and lead animator Angus MacLane.


Criterion’s WALL-E release will also include a variety of behind-the-scenes extras, including a tour of the Pixar Living Archive, early animation reels, and over a dozen documentaries, including 2007’s The Pixar Story. What’s more, the disc also boasts MacLane’s 2008 short film BURN-E, as well as A Story, a 1987 student film by Stanton.

The Criterion Collection 4K UHD edition of WALL-E will be available on November 22th; pre-orders are ongoing. Of course, you can also watch the standard version on Disney+ now. Revisit the original trailer below.

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