Eddie Van Halen recorded his legendary shred guitar instrumental “Eruption” 45 years ago today this week. To mark the anniversary, the late rock icon’s son Wolfgang Van Halen posted a clip of himself ripping through part of the track in the studio in 2015.

Wrote Wolfgang on Twitter: “In honor of Eruption being recorded 45 years ago today, here’s me playing part of it on the guitar it was recorded on in 2015 while tracking some guitars for the first @MammothWVH … Love you, Pop”

Wolfgang lets loose and comes very close to replicating his dad’s virtuosic talents. “Eruption” stands as one of the greatest guitar instrumentals of all-time and could be considered the earliest example of the guitar shredder style, as it was released on Van Halen’s self-titled debut in 1978.


Meanwhile, Wolfgang announced that he is set to begin work on the second Mammoth WVH record as soon as next week. During a Q&A on Twitter, a fan urged Wolfgang to drop the second Mammoth record “asap.” Wolfgang responded: “I start next week!”

The first Mammoth WVH was completed over multiple years — as the 2015 studio clip of “Eruption” can attest — and went on to receive rave reviews, bolstered by the viral hit “Distance.” Here’s hoping the follow-up will take less time.

Wolfgang has since toured with the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Halestorm, and Dirty Honey. His band will head out on a North American tour with Alter Bridge in January 2023. Get tickets via Ticketmaster.


While Wolfgang doesn’t perform Van Halen songs during Mammoth WVH shows, he did rock two of the band’s classics during Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert in London this past weekend.

Watch Wolfgang Van Halen shred “Eruption” below.