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    Friends, autumn is officially upon us.

    I know it’s been appropriately gloomy in NYC and dreamy as ever in Los Angeles, but here in Nashville (America’s former “It” city, if you will), I’m happy to say that we do get a truly lovely fall season. I have so many K-pop songs I tend to associate with summer — TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free” and ATEEZ’s “Wave,” for example — but it’s time for a shakeup on the local Spotify.

    Taylor Swift’s folklore and evermore are honestly the heaviest in my personal rotation when this time of year rolls around; being who I am at my core, though, I’m never turning K-pop off entirely. (No, not even during the holidays — V didn’t release “Christmas Tree” for nothing!) But, as we all start to fill our time with pumpkin bread, nature walks, and sweater weather, I’ve started a playlist for K-pop tunes that suit the season, and would truly love to know what’s on yours.


    Naturally, we have to kick things off with the queen herself, IU, and her dreamy “Autumn morning.” I’ve mentioned Stray Kids’ “Hoodie Season” before, and this is certainly not the last time I’ll be doing so either. Take a look at my ongoing fall playlist below, and let me know what’s on your K-pop October rotation at the moment via your preferred social platform — thanks in advance.

    SHINee’s Minho Enters His Netflix Original Era

    For any fans of the influential 2nd-generation group SHINee, Netflix released the first look at their latest original drama, The Fabulous, which features SHINee’s own Minho and takes place in the dramatic world of fashion. I, for one, love a good Netflix K-drama every now and then; Vincenzo supremacy.