Before we’ve even had a chance to forget his House of Gucci fat suit, Jared Leto has yet another film about a luxury fashion brand in the works: This time, the actor will star as the late designer Karl Lagerfeld in an upcoming biopic that he’s also producing. The untitled project is going to “home in on key relationships that convey different parts of [Lagerfeld’s] life,” the actor told WWD.

While the Lagerfeld biopic doesn’t yet have clear production schedule or a director attached, Leto  hinted that he’s wanted to play the designer for a while now. “You know, one day I have to play you in a movie,” Leto recently recalled having told Lagerfeld the first time they met.

“My role is to portray him on screen as honestly as possible,” Leto added of Lagerfeld, whose career spanned over 50 years up until his death in 2019. “With celebrity, most people don’t get to see under the surface. They see one or two facets of a person as presented through a public lens. Karl was a human being. We all have beauty within us and we all have faults. We have masks and then we have moments when we reveal the mask. I’m always interested in seeing what’s behind the mask.”


But Lagerfeld’s career was also shadowed by numerous controversies. In addition to countless expressions of fatphobia, he’s also been accused of Islamophobia, antisemitism, and racism, and he also openly opposed Hollywood’s #MeToo movement — ironic, considering Leto himself has been accused of assault and inappropriate behavior in the name of “method acting.” Interesting!

When he’s not doing biopics, Leto’s been in a handful of DC and Marvel films lately, including the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the titular chemist-vampire in Morbius