Behind the Boards is a series where we spotlight some of the biggest producers in the industry and dig into some of their favorite projects. Here, we sit down with Kid Harpoon to discuss working with Harry Styles, Jessie Ware, and more.

    If the name Kid Harpoon doesn’t immediately ring any bells, the odds are strong that you’ve still heard a song with his name somewhere in the credits. As a songwriter and producer, Kid Harpoon (born Thomas Hull) has worked with some of the very biggest names in the music industry; from Calvin Harris and Shakira to Years & Years and Shawn Mendes, and countless others, he’s built the kind of career many pop producers can only dream of.

    Reflecting on his career in conversation with Consequence over Zoom, Kid Harpoon speaks of moments in his career by sharing stories around the relationships he’s fostered over the years. His longstanding friendships with Florence Welch and Jessie Ware have yielded some incredible work, and, in 2019, he co-wrote or co-produced all but one of the tracks on Harry Styles’ Grammy-winning Fine Line.


    Following the tremendous success of the album, Kid Harpoon has stayed close with Styles, and co-wrote and produced the record-breaking “As It Was.” “The song has become such a big thing in my life,” he says. “I get to enjoy it and all the success it has with two of my best friends.”

    With such a widespread and successful discography, it’s hard to pin down Kid Harpoon’s story so far in just five tracks. What the stories of his time working with Styles, Maggie Rogers, Florence Welch, and more all have in common, though, is his commitment to a track. Each individual story in a song has its own place in an artist’s career, and this feels like something Kid Harpoon understands innately; he handles every song, even beyond those discussed here, with care.

    Read our deep dive with Kid Harpoon about the process behind Styles’ “As It Was,” Shakira and Rihanna’s “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” and more below.