King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard are nothing if not eclectic, as their ever-changing creative palette evokes everyone from Can and Frank Zappa to P.M. Dawn and Slayer. Having released nearly two dozen studio LPs since forming in 2010, they’re also one of the most prolific acts of all time.

    In fact, they’re set to release their latest record — Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava — on Friday, October 7th (less than six months after its superb precursor, Omnium Gatherum, came out).

    There’s no better time, then, to dig through their catalog to see which songs rank amongst their best.


    Here are King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s greatest tracks of all time; scroll to the end for a playlist of all 10 songs.

    10. “The River”

    Quarters! (2015)

    Like all of Quarters!, “The River” is meant to showcase their mellower side. Indeed, its blend of psychedelic pop and laid-back jazz rock delightfully amalgamates aspects of The Grateful Dead, Love, Dave Brubeck, and Santana. Its melodies are soothing, and its arrangement is purposefully repetitious yet sophisticatedly malleable, illustrating the band’s ability to infuse a healthy amount of exploration into a fairly rigid retro template. It’s a great entry point.