Oso Oso, the emo-pop project of Jade Lilitri, has returned today with a new single called “De Facto.”

Lilitri wrote and performed nearly every instrument on “De Facto” with the exception of drums, handled by Jordan Krimston. The song is right in line with Oso Oso’s usual schtick of sweeping, bittersweet melodies, but thankfully, that schtick has yet to get old. The introduction layers blasts of rapid hi-hat hits with Lilitri’s filtered, atmospheric vocals, before the song explodes into a chorus tailor-made for a friendly mosh pit.

The latter half of “De Facto” culminates into a rousing breakdown before dropping the volume again for its bridge: “I had this dream/ I fell into/ The TV screen,” Lilitri sings, his vocals distorted once more like he’s relaying this vision to you from a playground telephone. It’s classic Oso Oso, and Lilitri’s hot streak doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Listen to “De Facto” below.

Back in March, Oso Oso surprise-dropped their fourth studio album Sore Thumb, which Lilitri made with his late cousin Tavish Maloney. You can hear the new tunes live when the band embarks on their North American tour next week (get tickets at Ticketmaster). We also recently named Oso Oso’s 2019 LP Basking in the Glow one of the top 15 emo albums of the last 15 years.