We’re continuing to celebrate Consequences 15th anniversary by asking past CoSigned artists to answer some questions about the last 15 years. Today, Snail Mail fills out the Consequestionnaire.

    Part of our Consequence: 15 Years of Sound anniversary celebration has involved catching up with some of our favorite acts. In addition to our My15 Playlist series, we’ve been asking former Artists of the Month and CoSigns to answer some questions about the last decade and a half. Today’s respondent is May 2018 AOTM Lindsey Jordan, better known as Snail Mail.

    In just four short years, Snail Mail has become one of indie rock’s most beloved artists. Following up on her breakout 2018 debut, Lushshe dropped her highly praised Valentine sophomore effort just last year. Unfortunately, vocal cord surgery forced her to postpone her accompanying tour, but the determined musician has since recovered, retraining herself to sing as she gets ready to tour with Turnstile and JPEGMAFIA. (Tickets to those fall dates are available here.)


    Jordan’s also readying a move into movies, as she’s set to appear alongside Phoebe Bridgers and Fred Durst (!) in the upcoming A24 horror film I Saw the TV Glow. Brigette Lundy-Paine and Justice Smith lead the project form Jane Schoenbrun, which also stars The Adventures of Pete & Pete icons Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna.

    As Snail Mail reveals in our Consequestionnaire, she hopes this won’t be the last time you see her in the pictures. See what else she had to say about her relationship with Waxahatchee, her love of Alex G’s DSU, and her love of performing “Glory” and “Automate” by reading the complete Q&A below.

    See who else has filled out our Q&A here. Also, check out our Legends merch collection, featuring T-shirts, tote bags, and posters based on the artwork for our recently updated 100 Greatest Albums of All Time list; grab yours at the Consequence Shop or using the buy-now buttons ahead.