Erin Manning


Originally hailing from the grand land of Kentucky, Erin lived in Nashville for 8 years, sowing her wild oats and working as the Music Editor at a confusing tech startup. Music City finally gave way to the Gritty City (New York) in the dead of winter, 2012, leading to an eye-opening year as a freelance writer in Brooklyn, where she currently resides. During the day, she is a slave to the internet, and by night, she attends local shows or chips away at her never-ending list of films starring greats like Danny DeVito and Sinbad. Catchy melodies, booming percussion and some sludgy guitars are the greatest as far as she's concerned, but she tries to keep her head and heart open to new tunes and sounds. Fried pickles, panthers, whiskey and swimming — also great things. She hates allergies and steers clear of '90s alt-rock whenever possible. Besides Consequence of Sound, her writing has been featured in American Songwriter, Nashville Scene, Out & About, Autostraddle, and some other places she probably doesn't want to think about ever again.

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