You are the reason we’re here. For over 15 years, Consequence has been tirelessly championing the live music scene we love, and that scene wouldn’t exist without institutions like yours. Hometowns of Consequence is our way of showing our appreciation for the venues that build community and allow culture to thrive.

To spotlight the people and places that are the core of live music, we’re planning extensive content packages around the Hometowns of Consequence finalists and winners. We’ll be doing in-depth interviews, editorials, video packages, and – with your help – live events to celebrate the cultural spaces we hold so dear.

We wish we could show our love to all the venues across the country, but we’re letting the fans vote on which ones mean the most to them. That’s why we’re encouraging you to get the word out and urge your loyal fans to nominate your venue.

At the link below, you’ll find an open-access dropbox featuring customizable imagery, suggested verbiage, and more information on Hometowns of Consequence. Please use the hashtag #HometownsOfConsequence when sharing on social media, and encourage your fans to do the same (doing so will not only help spread the word, but qualify fans for a chance to win tickets to their nominated venue. See below for more prize details). Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at



How does our venue get nominated?

Hometowns of Consequence is a fully fan-driven initiative. During the nominations phase, we’re asking fans to “nominate” their favorite local venues via the Hometowns of Consequence landing page. The four venues in each region with the most nominations will be selected as finalists. Finalists will be announced in mid-to-late August 2023.

How does our venue get named a Hometowns of Consequence winner?

After the finalists are selected, fans will again cast their votes via the Hometowns of Consequence landing page for one venue in each region. The regional venues with the most votes will then be named the winners (one venue per region means 5 total winners).

What does my venue get if we are a finalist/winner?

The purpose of Hometowns of Consequence is to put the spotlight on the places that make culture happen. Each finalist will be highlighted in our Regional Finalists feature, which will include an interview with a selected staff member (of venue’s choosing in coordination with Consequence) about the venue and what makes it worthy of winning Hometowns of Consequence. Each region will have its own feature, and each of the four venues from each region will have its own section.

The winners in each region will receive a much larger content package specifically highlighting the venue and staff. This may include but is not limited to video profiles, interviews, photo galleries, and podcast features. The package will be designed to provide valuable promotional material, enhance venue exposure, and celebrate the people that keep the space alive.

We will also work with the winning venues to coordinate on-site activations and presentations presented by Hometowns of Consequence.

Winning venues will also receive a physical award to commemorate the accolade of being named a Hometowns of Consequence regional winner.

Will the winning venues be responsible for any costs associated with in-person activations?

After the winners are selected, Consequence will coordinate all financial, contractual, and artist booking with the winning venues. In-person activations are at the discretion of the winning venues, and Consequence is excited to work closely with them to bring an incredible celebration to fans.

Will the venue be responsible for any prizes awarded for fan participation?

Consequence is offering a prize for fans whose nominated venue makes it through to the finalist and winning rounds (one winner per region per round). The cost of said prize (whether it be tickets, merchandise, or other items) will be covered by Consequence, though we welcome the venue to participate by providing prizes such as tickets or venue merchandise in coordination with Consequence.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about Hometowns of Consequence?

Feel free to email the Consequence team with any questions or comments at