It was at a young age when drag queen Alaska Thunderfuck first saw the sign. Or rather, heard Ace of Base‘s 1993 album The Sign on their cousin’s brand-new cassette player. What resulted from that chance meeting was a long love affair with juicy pop music and empowered performance. On Alaska’s new album Red 4 Filth, out September 23rd, it’ll all come full circle when the queen covers “All That She Wants.”

With cover songs being an integral part of her repertoire, when it came to the question of which track to take on for her new album, Alaska entered into a debate with her producers in the studio. Ultimately, she went back to her roots, remembering her first cassette tape, and the first song to which she knew all the words.

“It’s weird the way music sort of just latches on, when you’re that age,” Alaska says. “It’s imprinted on me, like when a little animal sees its mother.”

Watch above as Alaska dives into The Sign.

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