Johnny Knoxville’s making his first appearance as a series regular on a TV show with the new Hulu series Reboot, but as he tells Consequence, he found the experience to be a really positive one. “There are so many laughs, but it also has a lot of heart that really grounds it. And to be able to play the moments for the laughs and the moments for the heart, it makes it a really wonderful character to get to play.”

Knoxville plays Clay Barber, an actor who starred alongside Bree Marie Jensen (Judy Greer) in the 2000s-era sitcom Step Right Up who has since fallen on hard times — making the opportunity to reunite with Bree (whose career has also floundered in recent years) and their fellow co-stars for a new show a welcome one.

As you can watch in the video interview above, Greer and Knoxville have great camaraderie as co-stars, despite some behind-the-scenes pranking. In our conversation, Greer discusses how the Arrested Development revival compares to the experience of making Reboot, how they both feel about reboots and revivals in general, and what might have inspired Greer to block Knoxville’s parking space at one point during shooting.


We also touch on the most surreal moments involved in the making of the show, for as Knoxville notes with a laugh, “Starting off the series by me getting hit by a car is a little on the nose.”

Also, if you watch to the end of the interview, I’ll note that if you’re going to get attacked by your cat on camera, it feels pretty right for Johnny Knoxville to be involved. (That said, please do not consider this my Jackass audition.)

For more about the surreal showbiz satire, read our full feature about the making of the series. New episodes of Reboot debut Tuesdays on Hulu.