Mastodon’s Brann Dailor on New Bill & Ted Track “Rufus Lives”: We Wanted to “Tip the Hat” to George Carlin

The band focused on writing a "party rock" song as opposed to a "doom and gloom" track

Mastodon’s Brann Dailor (via Zoom), Bill & Ted (via Orion Pictures)

    Mastodon recently contributed the new song “Rufus Lives” to the the film Bill & Ted Face the Music. We caught up with drummer-vocalist Brann Dailor to discuss the track and the band’s involvement in the movie.

    As Dailor tells us, the band was approached by the movie’s music supervisor to pen a new song for the long-awaited third film in the Bill & Ted series. They were given the scene in which the song would be featured, and got to work on writing “Rufus Lives”.

    The outcome is a heavy hitting, fast-paced rocker that Dailor explains was the result of the filmmakers telling the band, “We want ‘party rock Mastodon’ instead of ‘doom-and-gloom Mastodon’.”


    As for the song’s title, the band members are big fans of late comedian George Carlin, who played Rufus in the first two Bill & Ted movies.

    “We picked ‘Rufus Lives’ for a title because we love George Carlin … and we wanted to take the opportunity to tip the hat to a great human being and great comedian,” says Dailor.

    Dailor also recalls seeing the original Bill & Ted movie in the theater when it was initially released. “I saw that at the theater probably a couple times when it came out. I know that I was 13, 14, something like that — metalhead kid, long hair, jean jacket, Iron Maiden back patch … so it was right up my alley.”


    Watch our Zoom conversation with Brann Dailor about Mastodon’s Bill & Ted Face the Music contribution “Rufus Lives” above. Check out the song itself below, and pick up the soundtrack to the movie here.

    Stay tuned for a longer portion of our interview focusing on Mastodon’s new compilation, Medium Rarities, as well as their upcoming studio album.

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