Australian band Parkway Drive have been going strong for more than 15 years, taking a sonic turn on their most recent album, 2018’s Reverence.

After being firmly rooted in the metalcore scene, Parkway Drive embraced a more traditional heavy metal sound with Reverence, which landed at No. 1 on the Australian album chart and has yielded Top 30 Mainstream Rock singles “The Void” and “Prey” in the United States.

Heavy Consequence caught up with Parkway Drive singer Winston McCall at the Sonic Temple Festival in Ohio, and he spoke with us about the band’s recent tour with Killswitch Engage, the change of direction on Reverence, the state of metalcore, the band’s recent single “Shadow Boxing”, and more.


In the video interview above, McCall told us of the band’s shift in style, “There’s so many bands that have such a staple sound that they stick with because they love it, and then there’s plenty of bands who evolve. For us, the music’s always been a reflection of who we are and what we enjoy playing, and the evolution has come about simply because who we are has grown.”

With Reverence over a year old, we also asked if the wheels were turning on new music, to which McCall replied, “It’s going to be a while before music comes. The creativity is there, but, to be honest, the last few years have been so intense creating music. We put out [our 2015 album] Ire, and that exploded, and we rolled straight into writing for Reverence … It’s been a whirlwind … We really do want to give ourselves time to create something that can be 100-percent fleshed out.”

Hear much more from McCall in our video interview above. Parkway Drive’s Reverence can be ordered here, while the band’s European summer tour dates can be seen here.