When I Made… is a video series in which musicians and other creatives tell stories about their process. In each episode, an artist shares personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes imagery as they discuss the making of their latest album.

In the latest episode of When I Made…, Raffaella, our Artist of the Month for August, shares a closer look at how her new project, LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act 1), came to life. Alongside her producer and partner, Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus, Raffaella names 2000s nostalgia as a big inspiration point for the album. “When we started working on this record, the Y2K sound was the soundtrack to all of it,” Luppen explains, referencing the bright, chipper sounds of LIVE, RAFF, LOVE.

But beyond influences, LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act 1) is a fully-formed artist statement from Raffaella, showing that she can casually stumble upon something brilliant. Many of the tracks were written late at night, with lyrics that may have initially been intended as a joke (hence the album’s cheeky title).


In the episode, Raffaella and Jake Luppen break down how several of LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act 1)‘s tracks came together, from their immediate, stream-of-consciousness origins, to the fine tuning and polishing that provides the album with an irresistible aura.

Watch the full episode above.