Touché Amoré’s Jeremy Bolm on New Album Lament, Coen Brothers Fandom, and More

"Just because I may write about a lot of heavy topics, that’s not all that I am"

    Following their 2016 album, Stage Four, Touché Amoré have just released their latest LP, Lament. Where its predecessor, Stage Four, dealt with the trauma of singer Jeremy Bolm losing a family member to cancer, Lament exists in the wake of that album, focusing on a world that continued spinning.

    Bolm checked in with Heavy Consequence over Zoom to speak with us about Lament. “This is what my life is now, four years removed from the release of that record and how that record has affected me,” he tells us in the video above. “This record is more how I’ve been dealing with things since releasing this record”

    The singer also touches on navigating the emotional connection fans have made through his songwriting. “If you are connected to something personally that an artist puts out, I completely understand the motivation to want to share with the person who created it,” Bolm says about writing “I’ll Be Your Host”, one of the album’s standout tracks. “I certainly don’t have the answers. I f**king wrote a whole record about not having the answers for it. It’s like the guilt of not knowing how to process someone else’s thing, while understanding while they are giving it to me”.


    The album’s closing track, “A Forecast”, shows how Bolm continues to live his life despite dealing with grief. The lyrics mention his love for Coen brothers movies and a new interest in Jazz music. “Not everything is bleak, just because I may write about a lot of heavy topics that’s not all that I am,” explains Bolm. “I am a relatively happy person. I enjoy my life, just as much as I am struggling with it.”

    Watch above for our full conversation, in which Bolm discusses the aforementioned songs and topics, as well as the infectious single “Reminders”. Stream Touché Amoré’s full Lament album via Spotify or Apple Music below, and order it here.

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