When Star Wars landed in theaters on May 25, 1977, audiences around the world were introduced to a rogues gallery of heroes and villains. From lanky farmboy Luke Skywalker to walking vacuum cleaner Darth Vader, writer and director George Lucas rolled out one iconic character after another, creating an ensemble that would become the foundation of a franchise that continues to conquer Hollywood today.

Part of the Star Wars magic, though, is how Lucas was able to make his sci-fi epic feel so grounded. Despite being set “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” there’s a palpable connection to the galactic action, and that feeling truly boils over during the now-infamous Mos Eisley cantina sequence. It’s here that Lucas was able to not only build his bizarre world, but strike an intimate connection with his audience.

Watch above as we dissect the memorable sequence, meditate on its incredible history, and mull over its ensuing legacy. Rest assured, you’ll learn all sorts of fun facts for future Star Wars trivia nights, like how, for instance, a former Golden Girl once served as a bartender. (Hint: Maude the Force be with You.) So, head on in and ease those smuggler’s blues with a cool drink, but remember: No droids, please.


Written by Michael Vanderbilt and Michael Roffman. Narrated by Cap Blackard. Edited and animated by Perry Froelich.